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We know alot of you have busy schedules, whether it be a busy work schedule or home life, that's why we've created a flexible block of drop in sessions that you can purchase. This allows you to complete projects in your own time, without the fear of missing any classes if you were thinking of taking up the 17 week course. *

Booking onto your session will be based on a first come first serve basis - as we can only accomodate for 8 students at a time in our workshop. We will publish a monthly schedule of our Wednesday evening classes (6pm-9pm) and our Monday day classes (9am - 3pm)** and then you simply sign up for the day you want to do!



* Please note if you commit to the 17 week course, these sessions aren't flexible. However if you wanted to do a flexible 17 weeks, you'd have to buy 3 blocks of 5 and then 1 block of 2. 
* Please note that blocks are calculated in 3 hour sessions. So if you came on a Monday class you would need to book for 2 sessions. 

** please note classes do not run in school holidays


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