Home Fragrance Workshop with Lovorika. Sunday 3rd July 3pm


Renovating or designing your home? Why not design a bespoke fragrance to go with it? Create an olfactory fingerprint for your space.


Join us for an Aromatic Masterclass. Our Nose, Daphna will teach you about fragrance families, the difference between natural v synthetic fragrance, mental health benefits of natural fragrances, and how to compose your signature scent specifically for your home.


And best of all, you will leave with your very own bespoke fragrance oil PLUS oil burner!


As with all Lovorika products, we will only use ethical and vegan ingredients sustainably sourced globally.


If you choose to, we will keep your formula on file - locked away and never to be used until you want a refill.




Home Fragrance Workshop 3rd July 2022