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Margate Design Collective was founded by Jessica du Preez and Joanna Moore - two  experienced and AMUSF qualified upholsterers with over 10 years joint experience in traditional and modern practices. 


With a passion for design, furniture and interiors, Jess and Jo have joined forces to create a hub of learning  where fellow professionals can come together, share experiences and learn collaboratively  in the form of exciting courses. 


With connections to the interiors, commercial, set-design and film industry, we aim to give you the best insights, knowledge and know-how into the wonderful craft of upholstery, design and interiors. Whether you’re a pure beginner or more advanced, our ethos is shared learning - we want to create a warm, informal and inviting space where everyone can create, learn and build.


Jessica du Preez is the owner of local upholstery and design studio Poh Maluna. Since starting the company a little over 3 years ago, she has worked closely with brands such as GUCCI, Poodle & Blonde, WANDA and Adidas whilst harnessing many relationships with renowned designers. Jessica’s work has  featured in VOGUE, The Times and 


Joanna Moore has worked in the design industry for over 10 years and is passionate about interiors, restoration and the tradition of crafts. She trained in upholstery 6 years ago and has since learnt furniture caning and lampshade making, keeping traditional skills alive to create unique pieces. 

Keen to learn an exciting new craft for life, or brush up on your existing skills? 

Take a look at our courses on offer - we offer short course and 17-week Leisure Courses, where you’ll have the chance to transform a small piece of furniture of your choice into something beautiful.